Friday, October 9, 2009

Roll in the Hay

Ankles and I read about Tyler and Sydney's hay tubes. They are in The Qi Papers blog.
I have had rolling hay before.
I have not liked it.
Hay in tubes is neat and tidy.
That is a problem.
I can't bulldoze huge disintegrating wads of hay across the floor if it is in tubes.

Ankles stuffed some hay in a tube so we could take a disapproval photo.
I saw the tube of hay. I had a moment of open mindedness. I started eating the hay. Evil Stepsister came by to share the hay.

Sharing hay with Evil Stepsister is easy. She doesn't eat very much. Her teeth are all wrong for hay.
Then, Mr Ankles will come in and try to stop her eating hay because she throws it up.
It will be too late, she will throw up anyway.
Mr. Ankles will get upset and clean it up really fast.
Then he will say "Stupid rabbit." That's stupid because the rabbit didn't just throw up from eating something she knows will make her throw up.
It's pretty entertaining.
Entertainment is an important part of a good day.


d. moll, said...

Dear Silver,
Rabbits3 regret you didn't like the hay tubes. but applaud you for trying. We also toss hay about that has been placed neatly in a plastic bowl and enjoy pulling it out of an over priced rabbit sized hay rack. We like it best when she goes though the Timothy and finds us the seed heads........
Keep up the good work with training your humans,
Tyler, Sydney and Amelia.

The Fab Furs said...

Looks like that box could be pretty entertaining too. We had hoped for a hay bale for Xmas ourselves, but once our people found out they weigh between 60-100 pounds, they nixed that idea. We had been looking for ward to scattering all that lovely hay. Sigh.

The Meezers said...

i love hay and i'm a kitty. and i don't throw it up either! - Sammy

Glenna said...

LOL. We will try the hay tubes this weekend. The rabbits will be disdainful. The cats will eat the hay and throw up. Perhaps if I show pictures of your cat to my cats, they will not eat the hay. Doubtful.

The Bunns said...

Say Silver .... Cats are weird.

You proved it again!

FrecklesandDeb said...

You can also pull the hay out of the tube and make quite a mess!