Monday, November 23, 2009

Financial Advice

I am shedding again.
You can see this in the picture.
It always starts in the butt.

Now is the time to buy stock in Eureka.
Or Hoover.
Or Electrolux.
Ankles owns shares in Ford.
Good luck with that.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Harreforming the Bunnel

I never went in my bunnel.

Ankles enlarged it.
The first day, I went in and came out.
I went in.

I came out.
I went in.
I stayed a while.
I came out the same end.

I played in the newly harreformed bunnel a long time.
Then I chewed it.
It's wonderful.

Monday, November 16, 2009


Jaguar pajamas.

Ankles has some of these.
I disapprove of jaguar pajamas.
In fact, I am holding a grudge concerning the pajamas.

My grudge has a result:
Ankles feels awful.
She has increased her efforts at bonding.
The salads are better.
There is more sling time.
After sling, she will lift me up to hold me close.
I fit by her neck under her ear.
I get more petting.
She lets warm nose air flow over my ears.
That was creepy at first.
Then I got used to it.
Before long, it began to feel nice.
I loosened my shedder muscles so more rabbit hair would flow up her nose during inhales.
She kept cuddling.
She reduced her computer time so she could lie on the floor and watch me play with my towels.

One morning I refused to come out to play.
She cuddled me first, then I came out.
Now, I won’t come out any morning until after cuddle time.

The grudge thing is working for me.