Thursday, October 29, 2009


I have a new bunnell.

I have never had one before.

Ankles ordered it for me.

It came Priority Mail.

I'm not sure what I think about it.

Sometimes these are called wormholes because they are the fastest way to travel from here to there.

I don't need a wormhole.

I can teleport.


FrecklesandDeb said...

Now this might make an interesting entertainment! (Better than watching the cat throw up.)

The Fab Furs said...

We like bunnells. The last one we had lasted a week before we totally ripped out the floor and it collapsed. Even if you won't be using it as a wormhole, think of the satisfying noise it will make when you chew on it at 3 a.m.

d. moll, said...

We love your bunnel, the UPS sticker on the side is very happening. Ours just has rabbits.......Teleporting is a good skill, you can make your human a little crazy with, so be careful of unexpected results.