Saturday, July 3, 2010

Opera Box

Mary Shelley went into my Opera Box.
Nothing came out.
That is because Mary Shelley only knows one chord.
It's chord-ur-oy!



Silver, you are assuming that everyone knows Amahl and the Night Visitors is an opera.

I told you.
My peeps are smart.


Breathe said...

I love that joke. You should write for Leno. He needs the help, lord knows he's got the....

wait for it....



d. moll, said...

SIlver, thank you as always for assuming we are of equal intelligence.

Rabbits' Guy said...

Oh boy. I do know Amhal - from long ago. I have no clue what that means in the post. I did NOT know that song, I DID google it - I have never heard of the 12 plays of Christmas. Silver likes Racer and I am already getting a prize from Diana and my head hurts and I am going to bed. Big words escape me ... kind of like the jitterbug.

And, my word verification word is surlyma so there!