Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dignity Goes Poof

This is one of my Evil Stepsisters. This is the evil one. She likes to pretend I am invisible. This makes her fun.

Yesterday was loads of fun! She was sitting in the middle of the room. She was pretending our home was devoid of rabbits.

I snuck up behind her. I sniffed her. Nothing.

I ran past her. I ran past again. Nothing.

I sniffed her knees. She stared into space. Then......

I ran between her front legs and head butted her hairy stomach!

She went straight up in the air!

I ran into my corner. I did many circle binkys. Then I had to re-arrange my laundry.


FrecklesandDeb said...

Oh, my, you are a naughty little rabbit! (But it must have been a LOT of fun =;-)

YowlYY said...

Silver, you are a star! Surely everyone must know who is the boss at home, right? I am off now to add your blog to our checklist :)

The Bunns said...

You are our hero of the day Silver! Cats are weird!

Anonymous said...

Yea! Show the evil ones who's boss!