Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sticky Buns

I want to win the Sticky Bunscontest.
I can't make a sticker of me.
Ankles says the printer is out of ink.
I have to use myself.
Now I see spots.

"Silver the Lion Head Rabbit"


d. moll, l.ac. said...

Hi cute Silver rabbit. We can wait until your printer works, because really we needs a sticker. I'm afraid there's really nothing to win, it's just a sort of ongoing rabbit community art event thing happening work in progress....here is our fledgling website http://pipersstuff.homestead.com/bunns.html
Looking forward to your printer working :~)

Rabbits' Guy said...

Hey listen Silver ... I am going to put you up on the Sticky Buns web-site just to show people a really good place to put a picture of themselves. But ALSO a bad example by NOT using a picture!

Keep at it! Hey .. take your picture-chip to a store where they will pring it 8 1/2 by 11, cut around yourself, and then stick yourself up! Then do another picture!

PS ... all the bunns here at The House of Rabbits think you are a cute one ... there is no Silver bunny here! We used to have Marnie a long time ago.

Glenna said...

Awwwww. And I have a cat who looks just like that!

Anonymous said...

Sticky Silver Bun! Be sweet to Ankles, beg her to get new printer ink, then you can be put on places which are even more exciting than a lion's head!

FrecklesandDeb said...

We saw you on the Sticky Buns site and stopped by to say, "Hi!" We bought our stickers and now just have to get them printed and "stuck" someplace! We'll put a link to your blog on our Blog List so we can come back to see you again!

Rabbits' Guy said...

Yay Hoo Silver .. you guys work fast. You are now happily up on the Sticky Buns site!!!! Thanks much!