Monday, September 15, 2008

old mat, new mat

Ankles gave me this basket for chewing.
I didn't chew it.
I sat on it.
It was a good cage mat.
It was the size for meatloaf sitting.

Then I chewed it.
I stopped sitting in it.
Ankles was going to make me a new cage mat.
Then I sat on it.
She didn't make a mat.

So I chewed it more.
I also stopped sitting on it.

I need a cage mat.
My cage floor is slippery.
It is hard to meatlaof on.

Ankles made me a new mat yesterday.
It is peeled corrugated.
Very good for sitting.
Also for chewing.

The Evil StepSisters might want this basket for chewing.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

ESS looks like she's having a personal debate; to trust or not to trust the thingy handed down by the bunny ;) Have you played tricks on ESS before?