Thursday, August 6, 2015

How She is Now

Silver is still here with me, Ankles, and has a good life. Ankles got her a big Xpen under the dining table and then took her to Rabbit Haven adoption fair in Sunnyvale where she met Pierre and got married. They spend a lot of time lounging in the family room. Pierre ate the Bungalows too fast so Ankles got a banana box and those work well. Silver is an elderbun, her kidneys are failing her. She is in the home stretch and struggles with incontinence. She drinks a lot of unflavored Pedialyte and still shows zest for life by destroying cardboard boxes. Here are some pictures.

August '14
May '15
March '15
November '14
Sept '14
Apr '15
Aug '14
She loves Pierre, who had a strange and horrible past and it not easily pet by people. She is his rock. He will be lost without her. So will I. Love, Ankles

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Glenna said...

Dear Ankles and family, your post brought tears to my eyes. So glad to hear from you.