Saturday, October 2, 2010

Peacefulness Transfer

Mr. Ankles vaccuumed the family room.
There was a lot of noise.
Ankles was very frightened.
I kept her company in another room.
I let her snuggle me close and breath in my hair.
It was over soon and we could go back.


d. moll, said...

Dear Silver,
Thank you for keeping Ankles safe, she had a very hard and bad childhood and needs extra kindnesses, we are so glad you allowed her to snuggle you, that was the right thing to do.
With All Due Respect
The 4 Buns of FUN

The Fab Furs said...

How brave of you Silver! Well done!

Glenna said...

Silver, breathing in the rabbit hair is better than any pharmaceutical product for scarediness.

The Bunns said...

Wow - good work Silver. Send Mr. Ankles over here - our place needs a good sweeping.

Breathe said...

What a brave bunny. I hate the vacuum. It ate one of my favorite toys that I had shredded.

--Roxie (Breathe's little poodle puppy)

Lisa said...

Silver, you're a sweet bunny to protect Ankles when you were probably pretty scared yourself. Bunny fur works wonders.

SixBunnies said...

Silver, I'm proud of you for being brave. I know Ankles felt better holding you close. Bunny hair is magic! It cures most everything!

masterofboots said...

this is such an charming post. cute Silver!

Indydisplays said...
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Breathe said...

Dear Silver,

Thank God you were there. Poor Ankles!

By the way, I'm writing a kids book about a giant rabbit. I need someone to read it for accurate rabbit details. Do you think you or Ankles would be up to it?

Breathe said...

Please let ankles know that I am editing the giant rabbit book and will send it to her.

It's not giant sized, but it is longish. So if she wants to bail, she can. :)

Silver said...

Ankles wants to know how the book is comming?
Snail mail?
You can tell her at

She reminds me: Tell everybody about my ebay listings. Horse things and rabbit things. Sellername doublecatbatik

toby said...

Very cute! Thanks a lot for posting this picture and this information. I also love rabbits. I am moved to take care of more rabbits back home though. lolz. Thanks for sharing this information.

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