Friday, September 11, 2009

So far, so OK.

I continue to mold and shape Ankles' behavior.

We are spending lots of morning floor time. We often eat lunch together. Evenings are bunpier.

I was getting my new litter basket with hay, and my pellets each evening. Ankles knows she cannot change my basket unless I get pellets first. Later we would have some sling time*. Then greens.

I got tired of waiting so long for my sling. It should be first! So I refused to eat my pellets. I refused to get out of the old basket. "No! I am not sick!"

I went to the pick-up area of my cage. I stared hard. Ankles reached for the old basket. I THUMPED the floor real hard! UNACCEPTABLE!

She changed the basket anyway. She said I was grumpy and went away.

I tried again the next night. THUMP! She figured it out. First we had sling, then pellets and new basket. That was better,

New problem: Two evening visits have become one.

*go here to see about my sling

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