Saturday, December 20, 2008

Shoes like Baxter

Baxter showed a picture on his blog. It was himself. looking out at snow. There are shoes by the door. They are like the shoes I share with Ankles.

It's great that Ankles and I can share shoes. These are really great shoes.

I've shown these shoes before.

This is a new picture.The old picture is here.

You can see how fast they are wearing out. They don't look like they used to.

I think Ankles is wearing them to much


The Bunns said...

Oh Silver .. those are nice shoes and quite a bit like Bunny Lady's. Yes, they are getting a good workout ... we don't share BL's shoes because we do not get out around where they are hardly ever at all .. only The Princess and she does not seem to like them.

Thanks for sharing ..

Anonymous said...

Is it Ankles that is wearing them too much, or Silver that is chewing them too much? ;)

FrecklesandDeb said...

Isn't it great to share?! Those shoes look like a great sharing thing.

We got some of that snow that Baxter saw. Deb went outside and the snow was way over her boots! We posted a few pictures 'cuz we just couldn't believe it!

Have a Hoppy Holiday, Silver!